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Presented by Malaysia #1 Rebates Platform GETBATS, organized by Star Planet, the unrivaled K-Pop Kings, EXO, will be back in Malaysia to stage their fifth Planet entitled “EXplOration”at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil on December 14th, at 6pm.

EXO Planet #5 -“EXplOration” started out with 6 full-house shows in Seoul last July and has toured Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, etc. The Malaysia gig has been a much-awaited event and the Malaysian fans will have lots to be excited with the boys finally returning for a great performance.

The EXO concerts have always been meticulously crafted with spectacular narrative poetry themes and unique cool styles, complemented with roaring music power and strong dance performances.

Continue to raise standards, this brand new tour will promise to be a music adventure showcasing scintillating stage design and impressive audio-visual effects. Fans will be able to witness spectacular performances of tracks from EXO’s 5th full album ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’, as well as their repackaged album ‘Love Shot’, plus more. It is endeavored to impress and to draw explosive attention among the EXO-Ls.

The group has been popular since its early days and is one of the most commercially successful boy bands in the K-pop industry. They have recorded as quintuple million-seller, 10 million albums sell cumulative and grand prize award for 5 years consecutively.


由全马#1返利平台GETBATS荣誉呈献,星艺娱乐主办,韩国超级天团EXO五巡EXO PLANET #5 – ExplOration 将于今年12月14日,傍晚6点,引爆吉隆坡亚通万人体育馆 (Axiata Arena)!

这场让大马“爱丽”们引颈常盼的演唱会, 七月中旬,以一连六场爆棚演出在首尔正式启航,陆续唱响香港,菲律宾,新加坡, 泰国,台湾和日本等地。而吉隆坡站,也经过多方努力协调之后,正式尘埃落定于今年12月举办,给粉丝们捎来了一大好消息!

一直以来EXO演唱会都是精心打造招牌式的壮观叙事诗主题和设计风格独特的酷炫舞台, 并且融合高频率节奏音乐和强劲舞蹈表演。这次五巡EXO PLANET #5 – ExplOration 在舞台与内容上也将再次升级,由精英团队操刀,务必带上“爱丽”们一起探索 (“EXplOre”) 音乐探险之旅!

EXO自2012年出道至今持续引领韩流方向,成为韩流最具指标性团体之一。EXO发表过的所有作品皆突破百万销售量,全球人气势不可挡。去年发行的第五张正规专辑《Don’t Mess Up My Tempo》更令EXO成为21世纪出道的南韩歌手当中,首位累积一千万张专辑销售量的南韩歌手,此专辑也成为了EXO在“美国告示牌200强”(US Billboard 200)上表现最亮眼的一张专辑,一上榜就暂居23。