Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour in Malaysia 2018 - Encore Show

Event Details

Jointly presented by Allianz Malaysia Berhad and Goldsands Hotel Langkawi, organized by Star Planet, legendary “God of Song” Jacky Cheung will return to Kuala Lumpur for a 3-night performance on 5, 6 & 7 October 2018 at 8pm. 

The show, which will be staged at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil, created attention-grabbing headlines when the news was first announced, leaving many eager fans waiting to buy tickets.

Jacky Cheung “A Classic Tour” was first brought into Malaysia in last January with ticket demand far exceeding supply. And this upcoming “Encore” tour is anticipated to be another sellout concert!

Following the KL gig in January, the tour reached the shore of the United States, Australia and major cities in China, making headlines across international media platforms. In April, Jacky broke his own Guinness World Records by hosting his 147th show at Shao Xing, China, where his last world tour “1/2 Century” wrapped up with a total of 146 dates. The current tour is expected to hit 200 dates.

由大马Allianz联合Goldsands Hotel Langkawi 荣誉呈现,Star Planet星艺娱乐主办,歌神张学友即将在10月5、6和7日,晚上八点,重返吉隆坡Axiata Arena展开一连三场的“A Classic Tour” 巡回演唱会。此消息一出便登上各大媒体版面,更掀起广大粉丝们的热烈回应。

张学友在今年一月首次把“A Classic Tour”移驾到马来西亚,三场门票一开售便被秒杀,出现“门票短缺”,供不应求的情况。因此,十月份的“安哥”场极可能缔造另一轮的爆棚演出记录。

继第一轮的吉隆坡演唱之后,此巡演已远赴美国、澳洲与中国等各大城市,超强演唱会声势成功登上各大娱乐头条之外,更在四月以第 147 场的绍兴站刷新了个人缔造的吉尼斯记录,突破了上一次 《1/2 世纪巡回演唱会》的 146 场记录。《A CLASSIC TOUR》目前为止有望突破 200 个场次。