MLBB World Championship 2019 (M1)

Event Details


MLBB World Championship 2019 (M1) is an international professional esports tournament presented by Moonton. This is the first-ever MLBB World Championship where teams around the world will compete over the USD $250,000 prize pool at Axiata Arena, Malaysia. Witness the birth of the first MLBB world champion!

Event Description:

Presented by Moonton, the first-ever MLBB World Championship 2019 (M1) will be held in Malaysia with a series of exciting matches at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil on 15th, 16th, and 17th November 2019. 

Stand a chance to witness 16 teams from across the globe competing over USD $250,000, where the Champion will bring home with a total of USD 80,000! These 16 teams will be seeded to M1 via the following series of regional tournaments and qualifiers:

(1) MPL direct-invited teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar

(2) M1 Qualifiers in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, Vietnam, Japan, Turkey, Russia, United States and Brazil

Ticket Price: 

1-Day Pass is available in 2 categories:

  • Access on the purchased date only
  • Free Seating
  • No Early Bird Sales for 1-Day Pass

3-Day Pass is available in 3 categories:

  • Access on 15th , 16th , and 17th November 2019
  • Free Seating
  • Gold Ticket holder will receive exclusive goodie bag

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