Namewee 4896 'Final Call' World Tour 2019

Event Details

Named after Hokkien slang, ‘4896’ which means ‘Super Powerful’ best defines the theme of this highly anticipated Concert Tour. Namewee is ambitious to bring on exciting performances with a wide range of quirky, humorous yet entertaining elements ready to amaze the audiences. Fans will be lulled by a song medley presented in different languages with diverse performing styles. The show is a bold coupling of melodic treats and visual feasts delivered by renowned musicians, tiptop sound and light technical team, and supported by notable guest performers. All in all a quality stage show for sure.

This World Tour show in Kuala Lumpur is indeed a dream comes true for Namewee. Ever since his initially planned maiden concert in Kuala Lumpur was called off 9 years ago, Namewee had put up a series of great performances with sold-out concerts across major cities including the USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore to name a few. Every cloud has a silver lining. Eventually, his wish of having a concert in Kuala Lumpur is answered by long-awaited government’s approval at last. Therefore, despite receiving many event invitations for New Year Eve, Namewee chooses to repay the loyal supports of his devoted fans with a mind-blowing New Year countdown concert in homeland Malaysia.

Known as a controversial songwriter, his songs are always creative, bold yet debatable at times, often leading to broadcast bans if not triggering censorship. However, being a multi-talented artiste, Namewee’s song writing is highly diversified with inspirational and sentimental works too. His talents have received remarkable acclaim and his songs have recorded widespread resonance in the music industry.

Namewee’s Youtube channel has garnered as high as 2.13 million subscriptions with a total video clicks exceeding 800 millions, which made him the ‘King of Engagement’ in the cyber realm. Having been nominated twice for the ‘Best Male Vocalist’ in the ‘Golden Music Awards’, Namewee has undeniably gained professional recognition. His talent in filmmaking is noteworthy as well, proven with his director role in several cinema blockbusters, including ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ in which he was awarded the ‘Best New Director’ award in ‘Osaka Asian Films Festival’, Japan.

堪称“大马全能创作鬼才”的黄明志NAMEWEE年尾有大’搞作’,他将于12月31日,晚上9点,在Axiata Arena 亚通体育馆,举办世界巡演《4896 – Final Call》,这也是黄明志展开了歌手生涯中,首次在能够容纳万人的体育馆,举办个人演唱会。

黄明志也是一圆当年梦。 9年前, 他在吉隆坡的演唱会被迫取消,这么多年来虽然在美國、香港、台湾、新加坡等地方的演唱会场场爆满,但是他一直以来的梦想就是回到吉隆坡完成他的演唱会。这次举办演唱会的申请成功获得了政府的批准,故推掉了多项国内外盛大跨年活动邀请,选择在跨年这天和粉丝们一起嗨。