OlaBola The Musical Season 2

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OlaBola The Musical follows the journey of “Tauke” Chow Kwok Keong, the team Captain who is determined to lead the Harimau Malaya team to Olympic glory, and his best friend, the very affable wannabe-sports commentator Rahman. The musical also features the team goalkeeper Muthu, team star striker Ali and the rest of the colourful team, as the audience is immersed in a captivating story of the young team’s dreams and challenges of their journey to the Olympics, where the nation learns of a time when Malaysia believed in dreaming big.

Re-imagined for the stage by Tiara Jacquelina, through heart-tugging lyrics, fascinating choreography and stellar acting, the musical starts off on a light-hearted note with the very personable Harimau Malaya team who continue to train passionately despite their failure to reach the 1976 Olympics but the story slowly unveils the challenges that each of the lead characters face, from team captain, Chow Kwok Keong who has to choose between his love for football and providing for his family to the star striker, Ahmad Ali suddenly faced with the introduction of a second striker as well as the dilemma of goalkeeper, Muthu, whose father is widely opposed to his son playing football instead of helping the family. The intensity grows with each scene and the team are left broken and divided. However, the team slowly discovers the important role that each player holds and realise that the team stands a better chance achieving the same dream when united.